Enforcing distinct array elements in TypeScript 4.1

Anders Hejlsberg has been on a hot streak recently, implementing several exciting features for the upcoming TypeScript 4.1 release. One of these is recursive conditional types, which I coincidentally found a use for in a personal project.

This project required a function that receives a range of keyword arguments that can appear in any order, but must be distinct from one another:

myFunction("three"); // valid
myFunction("two", "one"); // valid
myFunction("two", "one", "three"); // valid
myFunction("two", "two"); // invalid
myFunction("two", "two", "three"); // invalid

(This is not a design of my choosing, it’s a weird API compatibility issue…)

I didn’t get any useful search hits for variants of “enforce distinct array elements in TypeScript”, since most of the time people are looking for a runtime solution to this problem, so I thought I would document my solution.

type DistinctArray<T extends unknown[], U = T> = T extends []
  ? U
  : T extends [head: infer Head, ...rest: infer Tail]
  ? Head extends Tail[number]
    ? never
    : DistinctArray<Tail, U>
  : never;

The DistinctArray generic receives one type parameter for the array, and has a second type parameter that keeps track of the input array so that recursively instantiated types can resolve it.

To constrain the arguments of a function, you could use it like this:

type MyFuncKeyword = "one" | "two" | "three";
type MyFuncArguments = [

function myFunction<T extends MyFuncArguments>(
  ...args: DistinctArray<T>
): void {};

myFunction("one", "two"); // OK
myFunction("one", "one"); // TS2345 error

Errors will have a vague “Argument of type ‘string’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘never’” using the canonical never type for failure modes. You could resolve a private string enum enum DistinctArguments { _ = "" } instead to give users a hint, since they won’t be able to accidentally satisfy it with their own function declaration.

Let me know if you think of any other uses for this type!

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